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Our Education Society is a 21 years old International Education Institution in Media Education. It is famous in the world as pioneer in Media Education like Mass Communication, Film Production, Advertising, Cinema, Acting, Radio & TV as well as (International Journalism and preaching towards World Peace & Universal Brotherhood. ASFT has trained over 10,000 media persons hailing from 28 states, 7 Union Territories of India and 89 countries across the world.

We are indeed very happy and feel privileged to have this golden opportunity to introduce you about ASIAN SOCIETY OF FILM & TELEVISION’S sister concern entitled “WORLD PEACE DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH FOUNDATION” (International Non-Governmental Organization).

Veteran Gandhian youth thinker and the Founder President of the Asian Society of Film & Television, H.E. Prof. Sandeep Marwah has observed this world from a close distance. He says that, “today anyone can see that the entire humanity is undergoing a turbulent time. It’s facing all kinds of crises due to several causes which are man made. The threat of Nuclear War and Terrorism is still looming large over the whole world. Science and technological innovations and revolutions have been trying to bring relief to world community in every part of the world-but due to the lack of comprehensive spiritual foundation we are observing that the same technology is not put the right and moral use. That’s why, it seems, the destruction of human society and BEAUTIFUL PLANET MOTHER EARTH is a global threat to mankind. We have to stop this destruction and bring peace in the world through the said international foundation which is our common dream for comprehensive sustainable global welfare”.

In fact H.E. Prof. Sandeep Marwah – The Gandhian youth thinker and Founder Director of Asian Academy of Film & Television, Asian School of Media Studies – has been instrumental in establishing the Film City of North India in Noida. He has so far been associated with the production of more than 3500 TV programmes and 100 feature films for over 100 production companies and more than 50 television channels using the facilities of the world renowned Marwah Studios. He has a world record of producing largest number of 1800 short films in the past 21 years. H.E. Prof. Sandeep Marwah is also the recipient of number of National and International Awards for his outstanding contribution to media education and training H.E. Prof. Sandeep Marwah is widely respected by the film fraternity across the world. He is associated with large number of National and International Media Organizations and NGOs. He is the President of International Film & Television Club, the Chairperson of International Film & Television Research Centre and the Honorary Cultural Ambassador of Wales in India. Though he is belongs to Bollywood and Hollywood film industry as a Veteran Gandhian Philosopher and Social Worker he is also related to several International, Indian National and State Level Co-operative Federations. Under his leadership one national level / multi state co-operative for school co-operative / campus co-operative organization is under establishment.

H.E. Prof. Sandeep Marwah is a well known social worker too. He is closely connected to several National & International institutions / organizations / NGOs like Media and Entertainment Committee, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Universal Peace Federation, World Religious Parliament, Indo-Wales Creative Forum, -Israel Cultural Forum, Indo-Sudan Cultural Forum, Indo- Nigeria Film Association, Indo-Peru Film & Cultural Forum, Noida Film City NFC, Global Yog Alliance, International Children’s Film Forum, Prayatn Society, Savitri Vikas Samiti, Goonj-Peace, Cairo International Film Festival, Shakespeare Society, Mahatma Gandhi Forum, Nehru Forum, Indian Motion Picture Producers Association, Indian Film Federation, Film and Television of Bhutan and World Trade Centre New York & Mumbai.

Keeping in mind the research values of eminent Scientists around the world towards Sustainable Social Development, World Peace, Universal Brotherhood, Disarmament and according to the importance of the preachings of different Saints and Thinkers, experts as well as Philosophers civilization is dreaming for a peaceful world and happy i.e. calm human race. For this noble cause and under his guidelines we have established a global N.G.O. which is known as “WORLD PEACE DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH FOUNDATION”, as a body of Asian Society of Film & Television. The International HQ of ASFT’s is situated in satellite town as well as in the heart of sprawling Film City, Noida-Delhi.

There are the below mentioned 9 aims and objects of the foundation. Through that the foundation is making huge efforts for World peace. This foundation firmly believe that union of science and religion i.e. spirituality alone can bring peace and harmony to the mankind. Because only this would be the durable basis for global interaction towards the building the vision of ‘VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM’. Foundation will explore new frontiers on understanding of the mind by building bridges between science and spirituality.

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