Aims & Objective

1. To promote and inculcate the values of love and brotherhood among the youth of the world. Even to facilitate inner transformation among world citizens  specially global youth of all nationalities, religions, castes, cults, creeds and races.

2. To build a society without war, poverty, inequality and impress upon them the need for change. To organize special programmes for global education and to felicitate suitable veterans / personalities by Foundation in various National and International Conferences and events in connection of UN special observances, International Decades  Years, Annual Days  Weeks.

3. To make youth understand the relevance of peaceful resistance and prepare them to fight against injustice and other ills, which are being faced by human society through non-violent methods propagated by Mahatma Gandhi.

4. To create awareness among the youth about loving and conserving environment and make them realize the danger of destruction of human life and existence if we do not care for nature and environmental conservation. Also to promote the vision that the entire cosmos / universe and all that exists within it are interrelated as well as interdependent and that nothing exists in isolation.

5. To spread the messages of Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Late Shri Y.B. Chavan and Honbe Shri Sharad Pawar’s (Union Agriculture Minister, the Govt. of India) ideas and ideals about co-operatives which are proving to be more and more relevant and useful in the contemporary world. The mission of the foundation is to facilitate building cadres of professional managers to man key positions in ever growing number of cooperatives through management development, training, education, research and consultancy.

6. To discuss and deliberate on the burning issues of the world today such as, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, inequality, unemployment, degradation of environment, global warming, terrorism, armed wars, etc. in the presence of UN, like minded global NGOs, eminent thinkers, academicians, leaders, economists, environmentalists and the representatives of youth and come out with a Charter of Demands and Suggestions for the better and just peaceful world.

7. To propagate in youth and by youth that the Millennium Declaration by United Nations represents the most important promise ever made to the worlds most vulnerable people. The Millennium Development Goals International framework for accountability derived from the declaration has generated and unprecedented level of commitment and partnership in building decent, healthier lives for billions of people and in creating an environment that contributes to World Peace and security.

8. To educate global youth with relevance of world saints philosophical summaries that the Millennium Development Goals are still attainable. To teach them how to transform the pace of change from what the world has seen over the last decade into dramatically faster progress. The experience of these last eleven years offers ample evidence of what works and has provided tools that can help us achieve the MDG8 by year 2015.

9. To bring out the prominence of cultural, intellectual, civilization and historical communications between different segments of multy societies and various countries as a step towards civilization dialogue and connectivity. This practical concept will turn into the practical dream of the whole world is family.

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