International Organizations Joining 4th Global Film Festival

International Organizations Joining 4th Global Film Festival

“We are excited with the reach of 4th Global Film Festival Noida 2011, as the number of important and popular international organizations have started joining this great international festival” said Sandeep Marwah President of 4th GFFN.

(IFTC) International Film And Television Club will host the event and supported by (IFTRC) International Film And Television Research Centre, (ICFF) International Children’s Film Forum, (IPBF) International Public Broadcasting Forum, (GYA) Global Yog Alliance, (WRP) World Religious Parliament, (WPRDF) World Peace Research and Development Foundation and (UPF) Universal Peace Federation,

(IPCFF) Indo Peru Cultural and Film Forum, (IWCF) Indo Wales Creative Forum, (INFA) Indo Nigerian Film Association, (ISCF) Indo Sudan Cultural Forum, (ITCC) Indo Turkmenistan Centre, (MGF) Mahatma Gandhi Forum, (SS) Shakespeare Society, (JNF) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Forum and others have also sent their confirmation.

The ten thousand media family of Asian Education Group including alumni of (AAFT) Asian Academy Of Film And Television, (ASMS) Asian School Of Media Studies and (ABS) Asian Business School will be participating in the event this time.

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