Chinese Delegation at Marwah Studio

Chinese Media Delegation at ICMEI- Marwah Studio

New Delhi: We are very pleased to receive Chinese media delegation who are here to know more about the Indian film industry and its way of working. We have provided ample information to the media persons who are looking for place in Indian system” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studio.

International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry has already created a committee on China under the name and banner of Indo Chinese Film and Cultural Forum part of 162 international committees.

Wang Jin Administration of Press Golden Eagle Film & Culture City, Xie Rong Deputy Jilin Municipal Bureau of Press, Hu Kefeng, Deputy General Manager China Cable Television Network co. Ltd., Zhang Ou Deputy General Manager China Cable Television Network co. Ltd., Qu Lina Project Manager International Communication Department and Bhanu Pratap Singh Chinese Interpreter & Tour Escort were also members of the team.

The delegation also visited AAFT, Radio Noida, ASMS and Marwah Studio TV. Later Sandeep Marwah honored them with the life membership of World Peace Development And Research Foundation

Global Yog Alliance Instrument in Declaring International Day of Yoga

New Delhi: Recently 21st June has been declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations as the proposal presented by our Honorable Prime Minister of India.

Global Yog Alliance is one of the eight organizations, which perused Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to present 21st June as International Day Yoga through United Nations.

Global Yog Alliance is the Federation of World Yoga Organizations under the patron ship of five times World Record Holder Sandeep Marwah and President ship of yogi Dr. Gopal ji. Global Yog Alliance has established its contacts in more than 100 hundred countries through allied and associated organizations.

Sandeep Marwah has been promoting yoga from last twenty-three years and has trained and propagated Yoga with 12000 persons from 100 countries of the World. “We are more than happy that our request of having International Day of Yoga has been accepted and adapted by the whole World,” said Sandeep Marwah also President of Marwah Studio and World Peace Development And Research Foundation.

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness.

Today it is practiced in various forms around the world and continues to grow in popularity. Recognizing its universal appeal, on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as International Yoga Day by resolution 69/131.International Yoga Day aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.

International Youth Day at AAFT

International Youth Day Observed at AAFT

Noida: On 17 December 1999,the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth that 12 August be declared International Youth Day.

“We have to put the youth energy to its best use. The Clean India subject of ours has been adopted by our honorable Prime Minister and has been declared as a National Campaign. Now we want to start LIGHT INDIA and we want to start with youth energy to light up all the villages of India” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio, Ambassador of IHRO affiliated to United Nations and World Peace Development And Research Foundation.

“The theme of International Youth Day, 12 August 2015, is “Youth Civic Engagement.” The engagement and participation of youth is essential to achieve sustainable human development. Yet often the opportunities for youth to engage politically, economically and socially are low or non-existent” added Marwah while addressing the students of Asian Education Group at AAFT Campus.

“In this landmark year, as leaders prepare to adopt a bold new vision for sustainable development, the engagement of youth is more valuable than ever. At this critical moment in history, I call on young people to demand and foster the dramatic progress so urgently needed in our world.” message of Ban Ki Moon read by Prof. Harshvardhan Vice President International Film And Research Centre of AAFT.

International Friendship Day Celebrated at Marwah Studios

International Day of Friendship Celebrated at AAFT

Noida: the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities proclaimed The International Day of Friendship in 2011.

“The resolution places particular emphasis on involving young people, as future leaders, in community activities that include different cultures and promote international understanding and respect for diversity” said Sandeep Marwah Ambassador of International Human Rights Organization affiliated to United Nations and President of World Peace Development And Research Foundation.

.To mark the International Day of Friendship the UN encourages governments, international organizations and civil society groups to hold events, activities and initiatives that contribute to the efforts of the international community towards promoting a dialogue among civilizations, solidarity, mutual understanding and reconciliation.

88th Batch of AAFT Formally Inaugurated

88th Batch of AAFT Inaugurated By Dr. Bhisham Narain Singh

Noida: “Youth is the future of the country. Develop good habits and culture so that the country can change with your positive attitude. Media plays a very important role in developing country and in educating masses about rest of the things” said Dr. Bhisham Narain Singh the former Governor of Tamil Nadu and Union Minister on the inauguration of 88th batch of AAFT.

“On visiting the premier film school of India-AAFT, I am more anxious to be part of Indian Film and television Industry. I am sure this institution can be a great instrument in developing relations between two countries India and Malawi” added H.E. Patrick Mphepo Deputy High Commissioner of Malawi in India.

Sita Raina theatre and film personality, Vigyan Arya Senior Journalist from Dubai, Raj Nidhi Sharma of International Conference of Intellectuals Malaysia and Atulesh Yadav Director Pollution Board U.P. also spoke on the occasion.

Later Sandeep Marwah honored the distinguished guests with the life membership of World Peace Development And Research Foundation and International Film And Television Club of Marwah Studio.
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ICMEI Begins Its Commitment of Planting One Lac Trees

ICMEI Will Plant One-Lac Trees in National Capital Region

Noida: In continuation to national seminar on Environment And Climate by the E & C Committee of ICMEI a ground level work of planting one-lac trees in National Capital Region has started to fulfill the declared commitment.

“We announced that we will plant one lac trees and the first phase has started when we planted 100 trees at the temple ground of Navada village of Greater Noida. We hope that we will complete our job in time” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio and ICMEI.

“We have created committees and subcommittees who all will identify the land available for plantation. We are ready to devote time and money for this spiritual act of serving Mother Earth,” said Dr. K.D. Gupta Chairperson Environment And Climate Committee of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

Asian Academy of Film And Television and World Peace Development And Research Foundation will support the mission.

Clean Ganga is the Mission Now

Clean Ganga- The Next Step of ICMEI Clean Ganga is the Mission Now

Noida: “I am pleased to note that ICMEI has taken up another challenge of cleaning Ganga and will put its recourses to do this holy and scientific job. I wish them all the success and support,” said Dr. Mahesh Sharma Minister for Culture, Civil Aviation and Tourism, Government of India while releasing the first book on Clean India Project by ICMEI.

“We have planned a series of workshops, seminars, interactions and training programs to create awareness within the country to teach not to pollute Ganga which is not only a spiritual reasons but it is the source of living of millions and development of our economy” said Sandeep Marwah President ICMEI.

18 programs have already been conducted in 18 different schools to create awareness by way of painting competitions and workshops. Many more are in pipe line,” added Dr. K.D.Gupta Chairperson of Environment And Climate Committee of ICMEI.

World Peace Development And Research Foundation, Marwah Studio and Asian Academy of Film And Television will support the program informed Ashok Tyagi Secretary General ICMEI.

Asian Union Day 2nd April

Asian Unity Day Celebrated by Association For Asian Union

“For the last fourteen years we have been celebrating the 2nd April, the founder’s day of Association of Asian Union as the Asian Unity Day. This time the country has very well accepted this concept whole heartedly,” said Beni Prasad Agarwal former Ambassador and founder of the organization.

Naresh Sirohi Senior BJP leaders & Advisor Doordarshan along with Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio released the colorful poster depicting Asian Unity Day at the grand function at Noida Film City.

A letter to the Prime Minister has also been sent to accept the concept of Asian Union and to celebrate 2nd April as Asian Union Day as National Event.

“We have taken this international job of uniting 48 countries of Asia through art and culture, politically and economically. We hope and confident that time will come when we be able to move this idea to all the countries and bring these nations close to each other,” said Sandeep Marwah.

International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Committee, World Peace Development And Research Foundation and Asian Education Group supported the event.

WPDRF Poster Release at 3rd GFJN

WPDRF Poster Launched at 3rd Global Festival of Journalism

“Idea is to highlight the organization, which is working all over the world to spread peace. World Peace Development And Research Foundation has grown big in all these years” said Sandeep Marwah President of WPDRF.

“3rd Global Festival of Journalism has created a wonderful platform for the journalists of the World to think about changing the pattern of their writing, I am sure positive writing will bring the World closer” said Dr Lobsang Sangay Prime Minister of Tibet being the Chief Guest of 3rd GFJN.

“Reporting should be done appropriate without exaggeration, it will never result into restlessness and people will not lose their peace” added Dr Bhisha Narain Singh former Union Minister and Governor of Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Rishi Raj Singh Director NIESUBD and Vikas Mohan Publisher Editor Super Cinema also spoke on the occasion.

Marwah Studio Attracting Students From 100 Countries

Reach of Marwah Studio in 100 Countries Is An Achievement- Dr Lobsang Sangay

Hundred is a big number to quote and AAFT is attracting students from hundred countries is a commendable job. I congratulate you on this success” said H.E. Dr. Lobsang Sangay Prime Minister of Tibet while unveiling the plate of 100 flags at Marwah Studio during 3rd Global Festival of Journalism Noida 2015.

AAFT is the pioneer film school in India ranking third biggest in the World, and first ten best film schools of the World. For value addition it is number one. AAFT is the only institution to have its own newspaper, Radio Station, TV Station, Research Centre, Film Club, Film and TV production house, Children, Women and Broadcasting Forum and also running its chamber of Commerce.

AAFT has churned out aproxmately12000 students from 100 nations of the World. The institution has its Peace Foundation and been associated with International Cooperative movement.

54 different media and allied organizations are working under the leadership of World-renowned media person Sandeep Marwah.