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Aims and Objective

WPDRF AIMS & Objectives

AIMS And Objectives


  • To carry out comprehensive research in the field of peace and conflict studies, contributing to the global understanding of these complex issues.
  • To provide education and training to individuals, communities, and institutions to promote peace and conflict resolution strategies.
  • To influence policies and practices at all levels – local, national, and international – to prioritize peace, justice, and sustainable development.
  • To build a network of peace advocates and practitioners across the world, creating a united front against violence, discrimination, and injustice.
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration as a means to diffuse tensions and foster global unity.


  • Conduct high-quality, impactful research that helps understand the roots of conflict and the pathways to peace.
  • Provide training and educational programs that equip individuals and communities with the tools necessary for promoting peace and resolving conflicts.
  • Advocate for policy changes that prioritize peace, justice, and sustainable development, in collaboration with other institutions and stakeholders.
  • Build and maintain an extensive global network of peace advocates and practitioners, promoting shared knowledge and collaborative efforts.
  • Organize international events, seminars, and conferences that promote dialogue and understanding between different cultures, religions, and political ideologies.
  • Develop resources and materials that aid in peace education, helping disseminate these resources widely for maximum impact.
  • Facilitate the development of peace-building initiatives at the grassroots level, enabling communities to take charge of their own peaceful futures.