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International Journalism Centre

The International Journalism Centre (IJC) is an esteemed global federation of journalistic organizations dedicated to fostering excellence in journalism. IJC brings together national and regional journalistic associations, media organizations, journalism schools, and independent journalists from around the world to collaborate, exchange ideas, and build stronger journalistic practices.


The IJC envisions a global media landscape that is free, fair, and fully representative of diverse voices. The Centre aspires to empower journalists around the world to uphold truth, accountability, and public interest.


The IJC’s mission is to promote quality journalism worldwide by fostering collaboration among journalistic entities, providing education and training, upholding ethical standards, and advocating for press freedom and the rights of journalists.



 Capacity Building and Training:

The IJC organizes workshops, seminars, and training programs aimed at enhancing the skills of journalists and fostering a culture of ethical and responsible journalism.

Networking and Collaboration:

Through conferences, forums, and online platforms, the IJC facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices among its members, encouraging global collaboration in the journalism community.


The IJC actively advocates for journalists’ rights, press freedom, and transparency, often working alongside international bodies to influence policies affecting the media landscape.

Research and Development:

The IJC supports research in journalism, providing resources, funding, and platforms for journalists and scholars to investigate and discuss evolving trends in the media industry.

Awards and Recognitions:

The IJC acknowledges outstanding journalistic work through various awards and recognitions, encouraging high standards and inspiring journalists worldwide. Through these activities, the International Journalism Centre serves as a vital catalyst for the advancement of journalism worldwide. Its efforts contribute significantly to the promotion of a free, fair, and robust media landscape.