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KOSHISH-SAHYOG envisions a society where individuals with disabilities, special children, underprivileged communities, and marginalized sections of society receive comprehensive support, empowerment, and opportunities for a better quality of life. The organization strives to create an inclusive and compassionate society that respects the rights and dignity of every individual.


The mission of KOSHISH-SAHYOG is to provide holistic support, advocacy, and empowerment to individuals with disabilities, special children, underprivileged communities, and other marginalized sections of society. The organization aims to improve their access to education, healthcare, livelihood opportunities, and social integration, fostering an environment of inclusivity and equality. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————


Education Programs:

KOSHISH-SAHYOG establishes inclusive education programs, special schools, and resource centers that cater to the educational needs of children with disabilities and special needs. It provides assistive technology, teacher training, and educational materials to promote inclusive learning environments.

Rehabilitation Services:

The organization offers rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and counseling to individuals with disabilities. It also provides access to mobility aids, prosthetics, and other assistive devices to enhance their functional independence.

Livelihood Training:

KOSHISH-SAHYOG conducts vocational training programs, entrepreneurship workshops, and skill development initiatives for individuals from underprivileged communities. It supports micro-enterprises, provides financial literacy training, and connects them with employment opportunities.

Advocacy Campaigns:

The organization organizes advocacy campaigns, awareness programs, and sensitization workshops to promote inclusivity, challenge stereotypes, and advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities, special children, and marginalized communities.

Support Services:

KOSHISH-SAHYOG offers counseling services, support groups, and helplines to provide emotional and psychological support to individuals and families facing challenges related to disabilities, special needs, or socio-economic difficulties.

By pursuing its vision, mission, aims, and objectives, KOSHISH-SAHYOG strives to create a society that embraces diversity, empowers individuals, and ensures equal opportunities for all, especially those in need of support and inclusion