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Mission of the World Peace Development and Research Foundation (WPDRF)

The mission of the World Peace Development and Research Foundation is to assist its members and citizens of the world in achieving their aspirations and goals in life through the provision of comprehensive academic services. At the core of our mission is the dissemination of love, mutual understanding, peace, and cooperation, fostering a sense of global humanity that is essential for survival and sustainability.

The foundation is dedicated to spreading the life and messages of various world saints, thinkers, and scientists who have contributed to the betterment of society. By organizing world seminars, UN special observances, international conventions, global summits, conferences, national and international youth camps, youth cultural and youth world peace sanskar training seminars, as well as educational seminars for women, girls, and children on a global level, WPDRF aims to create communal-global harmony, social peace, and justice.

One of the key objectives of the foundation is to broaden the understanding of faith in terms of spiritual, social, cooperative, ethnic, and cultural realities. It seeks to foster an inclusive attitude in faith, culture, ideology, and social global relations, promoting a sense of acceptance, respect, and unity among people of diverse backgrounds.

Through its academic services, WPDRF provides a platform for individuals to acquire knowledge, skills, and guidance necessary to fulfill their aspirations and contribute meaningfully to society. The foundation believes that education is a powerful tool for personal growth, empowerment, and social change. By organizing seminars, workshops, and training programs, WPDRF aims to equip individuals with the necessary tools to navigate the challenges of the modern world and make a positive impact in their communities.

Furthermore, WPDRF actively collaborates with national and international organizations, governments, and NGOs to address global issues and promote sustainable development. By fostering partnerships and engaging in cooperative efforts, the foundation strives to create a network of like-minded individuals and institutions working towards common goals of peace, justice, and harmony.

In summary, the World Peace Development and Research Foundation's mission is to empower individuals, promote understanding, and cultivate a sense of global citizenship through academic services. By organizing various events and seminars, disseminating the teachings of renowned figures, and fostering inclusive attitudes, WPDRF endeavors to create a peaceful and harmonious world where individuals can thrive and contribute to the betterment of society.


What is Peace Development Aims and Mission


Our mission is to conduct and facilitate ground breaking research on peace and conflict resolution, spreading awareness and knowledge on these critical subjects. We are dedicated to providing resources, training, and platforms to individuals, communities, and nations to better comprehend and contribute to the cause of peace. We are also committed to influencing policy makers and institutions globally to adopt policies that foster peace, equality, and sustainable development.


Our vision is to build a harmonious world where peace and understanding are not only desired but achieved and maintained. We envision a global society where nations and individuals respect each other's cultural, social, and political differences, fostering an environment of inclusivity, tolerance, and mutual respect. We aim to create a world where the basic human rights are universally upheld and conflict is addressed constructively and non-violently, contributing to sustainable development and global harmony.


To carry out comprehensive research in the field of peace and conflict studies, contributing to the global understanding of these complex issues. To provide education and training to individuals, communities, and institutions to promote peace and conflict resolution strategies. To influence policies and practices at all levels - local, national, and international - to prioritize peace, justice, and sustainable development. To build a network of peace advocates and practitioners across the world.


Conduct high-quality, impactful research that helps understand the roots of conflict and the pathways to peace. Provide training and educational programs that equip individuals and communities with the tools necessary for promoting peace and resolving conflicts. Advocate for policy changes that prioritize peace, justice, and sustainable development, in collaboration with other institutions and stakeholders. Build and maintain an extensive global network of peace advocates and practitioners.