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The mission of the International Public Broadcasting Forum of Marwah Studios is to promote the values of public broadcasting and media literacy worldwide. We strive to advocate for quality and inclusive content, foster global collaborations, and empower communities through the transformative power of public media.


Our vision is to be a global platform that strengthens the role of public broadcasting in promoting democratic values, cultural diversity, and knowledge sharing. We envision a world where public media serves as a catalyst for social change, dialogue, and the empowerment of individuals and communities.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Promote public broadcasting: We aim to advocate for the importance of public broadcasting as a vital pillar of democratic societies. We strive to highlight the value of independent, informative, and culturally diverse programming that serves the public interest.
  2. Foster global collaborations: We seek to establish partnerships and collaborations among public broadcasting organizations, media professionals, policymakers, and civil society groups worldwide. We aim to facilitate the exchange of best practices, joint productions, and knowledge sharing to enhance the quality and impact of public media.
  3. Empower communities through media literacy: We aim to promote media literacy and empower individuals to critically engage with media content. We strive to develop programs, resources, and initiatives that enhance media literacy skills, encouraging informed consumption and active participation in media discourse.
  4. Support diverse and inclusive content: We are committed to promoting content that reflects diverse perspectives, cultures, and voices. We aim to support the production and distribution of inclusive and culturally relevant programming that fosters understanding, tolerance, and social cohesion.
  5. Enhance media ethics and professional standards: We strive to promote ethical journalism and professional standards in public broadcasting. We aim to provide training, guidelines, and platforms for dialogue that encourage responsible and unbiased reporting, ensuring the integrity and credibility of public media.
  6. Advocate for funding and regulatory support: We seek to advocate for sustainable funding models and regulatory frameworks that safeguard the independence and integrity of public broadcasting. We aim to engage policymakers, stakeholders, and the public to ensure the availability and accessibility of quality public media services.

Activities :

  1. International conferences and forums: We organize international conferences, forums, and panel discussions that bring together public broadcasting professionals, policymakers, academics, and media experts to discuss current challenges, share insights, and propose strategies for advancing public media globally.
  2. Collaborative productions and exchange programs: We facilitate collaborative productions and exchange programs among public broadcasting organizations to foster cross-cultural understanding, co-produce quality content, and promote the exchange of talent and expertise.
  3. Media literacy initiatives: We develop and implement media literacy programs, workshops, and educational resources that equip individuals with the skills to critically analyze and evaluate media content, encouraging informed media consumption and active participation.
  4. Awards and recognition: We organize awards ceremonies to recognize and celebrate excellence in public broadcasting, honoring outstanding programs, journalists, and media professionals who uphold the principles of public media and contribute to the betterment of society.
  5. Policy advocacy and research: We engage in policy advocacy initiatives, conducting research, and producing reports that provide evidence-based recommendations to policymakers, regulators, and stakeholders to strengthen the support and sustainability of public broadcasting.
  6. Training and capacity building: We offer training programs, seminars, and workshops that enhance the professional skills of public broadcasting practitioners, journalists, and media professionals, fostering ethical journalism, content production, and programming innovation.
  7. Public engagement and outreach: We organize public campaigns, events, and outreach activities that raise awareness about the importance of public broadcasting, engage the public in media discourse, and promote active citizenship through media participation.